Shingles is an incurable disease that is characterized by your skin becoming flaky and falling off rapidly. Once you have been diagnosed with shingles you will likely be given antiviral medication to help treat it. Your doctor is going to work with you to reduce the severity of your shingles and help you get your symptoms under control but there is no cure. You are going to want to get pain killers aplenty to begin to help your shingles. Onsets are known to be extremely painful and can become infected and blistered even when properly treated. Apply topical antibiotics to areas that are becoming red or blistered to prevent infections. Take the painkillers whenever necessary the moment that flares of pain begin to pick up.

There are a lot of complications that can occur when you have shingles. Even after you have gotten over the initial shingles rash, you can continue to experience pain for a long time to come. If this is happening then do not rely on simple pain killers and let your doctor know immediately. It is entirely likely that your shingles has progressed into postherpetic neuralgia. For the most part, the goal is pain reduction if that happens. If your shingles do not progress into such a state, then you just need to handle them for the weeks or months that your shingles rash is present. This involves being ever vigilant of your condition aggravating or getting worse. Make sure that infections do not creep up or stay persistent. If you have missed an infected area and it has grown fairly bad, then immediately see a doctor about this.

Shingles is not the end of the world and not something that you will have to live with forever. Treat it as it is necessary to treat it and do not let the pain that it causes debilitate you. Work with your doctor to make sure that it is kept in check. The worst thing that you can do is let the pain of shingles overtake your life. If you leave your shingles unchecked then it can cause serious damage to your nerve tissue. This damage is irreversible and can lead to serious complications. Nerve damage can occur anywhere in your body, including in your brain. Once this has happened you will need to begin treatment for that immediately or face irreversible complications in feelings on your face.