Levitra works well for ED in men with dyslipidemia

Levitra is a wonderful drug that is prescribed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It comprises of an essential ingredient called Vardenafil which is known to work by relaxing the muscles found in the walls of blood vessels and by improving the flow of blood to certain parts of the body particularly the genitals. This enhanced blood flow to the penis causes a firm erection which helps men to have a distress-free sexual activity. People can also use generic levitra for erectile dysfunction treatment as there is no difference found in the efficacy of the pill

A majority of the physicians across the globe recommend Levitra in the first place when it comes to treating erectile dysfunction and impotence issues. But the question now is whether the drug works equally effective in treating ED for men who have dyslipidemia. Read this blog to know if Levitra really works well for ED even in men with dyslipidemia.

Research on Levitra

One research that was presented at the Annual European Association of Urology (EAU) presented the results that Levitra does work efficiently well even in men who are known to be having or suffering from dyslipidemia. Trials were conducted in order to establish the outcome of this study. A double-blind placebo-controlled trial was conducted in about 400 men which showed that Vardenafil significantly improved the ability of men who were reported of having erectile dysfunction and high cholesterol so as to achieve and maintain an erection to have a successful sexual intercourse. The trial took for about twelve weeks and it showed that men showed increased rates of successful penetration and an improved ability to maintain an erection for quite a long time when compared to that of placebo.

Erectile dysfunction and dyslipidemia

Erectile dysfunction is often associated with high cholesterol. A lot of physicians are not considering ED to be a life changing condition. The study further states that the drug can successfully treat erectile dysfunction in men who have serious underlying conditions like high cholesterol. Nearly about 70% of men who have ED are also known to have an underlying health condition like diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol levels. The evidence also states that Levitra is a potential treatment for men with ED in addition to other underlying conditions.

Erectile dysfunction and testosterone share similar underlying conditions like dyslipidemia, obesity and also cardiovascular disease. When a person is suffering from erectile dysfunction, this should automatically trigger tests that establish testosterone levels as the testosterone deficiency is usually dangerous to the quality of life.

Resultant Outcome

The study further stated that the testosterone therapy with Testogel can improve cardiovascular and metabolic conditions and it also betters the quality of life in men who have been known to having low testosterone levels. In the study conducted with international, multicenter, double-blind, randomized placebo-controlled trial, about 360 men ranging in the age group of 50 to 80 with late-onset hypogonadism which means that the testosterone levels are associated with aging, were almost randomized to receive Testogel or placebo in about six months. This is then followed by a twelve-month open-label phase when all other patients received Testogel. This research estimates that Levitra ( can be used for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction condition though they have dyslipidemia. The research also shows that people craving for the drug even if it is in generic form, resort to online pharmacy to get cheap generic levitra deals only to get the pill at a low price. However, at all circumstances, the drug should only be used if you have been prescribed and strictly as you have been directed by the physician.