Tata Duende Screening
"Tata Duende, Don't Go Into The Jungle." The animation is based on a popular Belizean legend about a powerful and terrifying gnome with mysterious powers who protects the animals and jungles of Belize in Central America. Get a glimpse of Tata Duende in the trailer that will be playing at the Hollywood Shorts with other fantastic short films including our latest steampunk short animation "Airbike Man" this Sunday October 19th 2014. FREE RSVP

Airbike Man
"Airbike Man" is the latest Steampunk, Animated, music adventure short about a hero in a steam powered airbike who avenges the death of his king. The king is killed by the villian called the "Evil Scarab Angel" who also releases a golden Scarab beetle that transforms and spawns more Evil Scarab Angels to wreak havok over the land. This is a still frame in the animation of Airbike Man in fist to fist combat with the Evil Scarab Angel. Come See "Airbike Man" along with other fantastic shorts from Cool filmmakers this Sunday October 19th at Hollywood Shorts. FREE
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GrisDismation's Animations
Ongher's Elf Tree1 min. 45 secs.

Ongher's Pine Cone1 min. 30 secs.

Ongher's UFO
2 min. 30 secs.
Ongher's Gift
1 min. 10 secs.
Ongher's Roof Dance
1 min. 30 secs.
Ongher's Xmas Tree
50 secs.
Ongher's Unsafe Xmas
30 secs.
Ongher's Holiday Greeting
30 secs.
Ongher's Bumble Butt
1 min.
Ongher Fishing
1 min.
Ongher's Magic Trick
30 secs.
Ongher's Valentine
55 secs.
Time Box in Cyborgs
1 min.
Time Box in Gets Bugged
1 min.
Time Box in Night Sky
30 secs.
1 min.
All You Can Drink
30 secs.
Red Box
20 secs.
If I Didn't Have A Brain-The Anti-Drug Song
1 min. 45 secs.


Legends of Belize
Legends of Belize is an Art series about mytical creatures believed to dwell in the jungles and waters of Belize, Central America. Legends of Belize Book Release Ad

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Tata Duende Article
by Dismas and GrissyG

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