Hypersensibility Of The Teeth

Alas, but more and more Americans complain that their teeth possess hypersensibility. How to cope with this problem only the doctor can tell.

Let’s find out at once – if the person started to feel that his teeth react to external influence greatly, and better to say, ache at the slightest pretext, it’s better to visit the expert, without postponing. For any serious disease of tooth tissues there should be some reasons for this.

Tooth structure:
1 enamel; 2 dentine; 3 circular sheaf of tooth; 4 gum

Enamel protecting the tooth is almost senseless. That is, painful sensations tell that whether there is a defect (caries) in enamel, or it is necessary to suspect disease periodontal. It doesn’t matter whether the fang has become bare at the patient or something else has happened. After all even not carious defeats are treated by filling, and to reduce sensitivity of the tooth is only possible with the replacement of the absent enamel. Besides, in an arsenal of modern Oregon dentists there is a variety of fluorinated medicines specially created for similar teeth. They protect a tissue of the tooth from damage essentially and reduce its sensitivity – first of all, round the filling.

But if you haven’t been in a stomatologic armchair yet, whether it is possible to combat hypersensibility of the teeth? It is possible and it is even necessary.

At any hypersensibility of the teeth the most important thing is to observe hygiene of an oral cavity carefully. Our enemies are microbes, they are manufacturers of acid which steals enamel minerals first of all. As a consequence there is pain from mechanical and temperature irritants. And at the bottom of any inflammatory process in tissues of a gum among the healthy people is poor hygiene.

Hygiene, in its turn is first of all toothbrushing. It is necessary to brush your teeth at least 3-5 minutes for as the research shows, to achieve a certain result it is necessary to make about 30 cleaning movements round each tooth. At hypersensibility of teeth it is better to use a soft brush, but you’ll have to do even more cleaning movements with it. Avoid horizontal movements, as they injure the tooth. Vertical movements should be directed from a gum to the cutting edge of the tooth.

Tooth-pastes are also rather important in this fight. In the case under consideration it is categorically not recommended to use bleaching tooth-pastes and pastes “for smokers”. They contain components, which strengthen the processes of teeth deleting. It is necessary to take the tooth-pastes reducing sensitivity.