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Metal Face

Digital Fine Artist, Dale McRaven.

-Many people don't realize that my images originally start out as a photograph. The first step of my process is to photograph the model and scan the image into my computer. I somtimes use Painter and Bryce, but I do almost all of my work in Photoshop.

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Kevin Painting

Fine Artist, Kevin Lizarraga.

-Kevin Lizarraga, 28, is a Los Angeles born artist who resides with his wife in Northridge, Ca. He generally paints in an abstract Optical Illusion style that is vigorous and meticulous, Lizarraga is inspired by his life, which amounts to the symbolic world that surrounds him.

Rachael Vega-Registered Trademaark

Rachael Vega ®

-Rachael Vega ® is a character Sandra Cooper created who represents the part of all of us that is ageless, timeless, multifaceted, multicultural and fun loving. Her appeal is universal because Rachael's life experiences mirror our own.

Animation Career Review

Animation Career Review

-A Love Story of Classical Art and Modern Animation...Meet GrisDismation's Founders GrissyG and Dismas

The Animators Web Ring

The Clay Animation and Stop Motion How To Page: Clay & Stop Motion Animation Community, News & More.

Justin Davis

Justin Davis

I am currently attending Cal State Fullerton in the Radio-Television-Film program and enjoy both creating and watching film. Menu Presentations Biography Company Profile Links Contact Downloads Products Info Sketch Book Photography Dismas GrissyG Art Animation Legends of Belize
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