GrissyG and Dismas at the Legends of Belize Book Release 2013

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Dismas and GrissyG were born in Corozal Town, Belize, Central America. In 2003, they established GrisDismation, in California, USA, to represent their collaborative work to produce Art, animation and books that entertain, fascinate, and inspire.

Dismas and GrissyG have produced series of paintings and over 20 short animations that have screened regularly at Hollywood Shorts in Los Angeles. Together the artists have produced a range of projects, from a commercial for Archie Comics, an animated music video with Award winning Producer Garth Bacon, and storyboards for Award winning producer/director/filmmaker Dawn Westlake. Always motivated to expand their avenues of Art, Dismas and GrissyG are happy to step into their first acting role in the film "Scrappy" produced by Dawn Westlake to be filmed in September 2016.

They have also authored two books, "Legends of Belize Creature Book” and “Legends of Belize, A Series About Mythical Creatures That Dwell In The Jungles And Waters Of Belize." They have presented at Universities and schools in California and in Belize, been featured in the news, on the radio and TV. Experts in the field of Belizean mythology, Dismas and GrissyG are special guests and interviewers in the documentary titled "Boogeymen, Tata Duende," about the Belizean mythical jungle gnome, produced by CMJ production II Inc. for the Travel and Escape channel aired in 2016. To continue, document, preserve and expand on the Legends of Belize Art series and books, Dismas and GrissyG are also currently producing an animated feature about the Legendary Tata Duende based on Belizean culture and mythology.

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Article- "Belize Folklore Documentary of Tata Duende Airs in Canada"

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