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GrissyG & Dismas

   Dismas and GrissyG, born in Corozal Town, Belize, Central America, met in 1999 while earning their Associates degree in Art and Multimedia at Los Angeles Mission College, (LAMC). After completing their degrees, they established GrisDismation as a signature for their collaborative work to live a life of learning and creating out of the ordinary art.


   Inspired to paint by the challenges in artistic experimentation, GrissyG is an artist who enjoys photography, painting and producing digital art. Influenced by great painters such as Van Gogh for his rich textured painting techniques and Michael Parks for his detailed surreal paintings. GrissyG has developed an innovative painting technique, which uses gel mediums, cake tips, and metallic paints to create detailed 3-D textured effects. She is also captivated by technology and utilizes computers and its software to create different forms of digital media from fine digital Art to Animations. GrissyG completed an Associates degree in Art and Multimedia at Los Angeles Mission College in 2002 and 2003 and is currently producing a new series of paintings titled Peafowl, which is about surreal environments where humans are morphed into part peafowl. GrissyG also manages GrisDismation her Art and Animation Company based in California, developing intellectual properties and producing short animations with her husband artist, Dismas.


   Dismas is intrigued by the visual and emotional connections Art can make with an audience. This intrigue to make connections inspires Dismas to draw, paint, sculpt, play guitar, write music and produce original stories. Dismas also draws inspiration from artists such as Monet for his impressionistic style and Salvador Dali for his surrealism. With a mix of Impressionism and Surrealism, Dismas paints in a soak and stained technique creating water color effects with acrylic paints. Dismas completed an Associates degree in Art in 2003 and is currently exploring optical illusion art through producing, Small Mask the Movie, a series of paintings about a fictional character that takes the audience on an illusionary journey through the mind of a schizophrenic patient. Dismas also co-manage GrisDismation with his artist wife, GrissyG, producing intellectual properties and short animations.

   Artists of the 21st century, GrissyG and Dismas as GrisDismation work to produce out of the ordinary Art and Animations that fascinate.

GrisDismation's Legends of Belize Press Kit

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